Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Tips Cook A Delicious Fried Rice

One Indonesian cuisine of the most popular, including by
foreigners, the fried rice. With many variations of fried rice suitable
eaten for breakfast or for dinner. It would be more enjoyable
if eaten in still warm or hot conditions.

It's easy to cook fried rice, but for beginners who are just learning
cook, there are a few tips from me to the fried rice cooked later tolerable
tasty, tasty to eat.

Starting from the material, for fried rice, rice is rice that fits somewhat dry,
rice is not sticky between grain rice, but quite soft, if too loud
also less good, less seasoning can be merged.

For seasonings, such as garlic or onions, use moderation.
The cuisine is tasty and not as many ingredients, but the composition of the marinade

For example, for one serving of fried rice dishes medium size, quite
use a maximum of 2 medium cloves garlic, but if you really like
with the scent of onions, simply by adding onion hit, not
participate softened. Or you can add the green onions chopped stems in soft.